Our Yearly Albums 

celebrating our MUN Memories and Stories


2018-2019 Album

United Nations Leadership Summit Washington DC 

During summer 2018, some of our board officers and members had the opportunity to attend the UNA-USA Leadership Summit in Washington DC and represent the Minnesota Chapter! They learned how to be global leaders in their local communities and improve their advocacy to raise awareness about global issues. On the very last day, our members had the opportunity to talk to their Congress members about the importance of supporting and funding the UN! #USAforUN


2017-2018 Album

AMUN 2017

Each year UMN MUN attends the largest midwest conference known as the American Model United Nations conference in Chicago. This year we attended the conference with 35 delegates and represented Jamaica, Paraguay, and Syrian Arab Republic. All our delegates won position paper awards and the Syrian delegation won the Outstanding Delegation Award! 

St.Thomas Conference

A few of our delegates participated in the University of St. Thomas first year conference here in Minnesota!

International Day of Happiness Celebration

United Nations International Day of Happiness is celebrated worldwide on March 20th and is a movement to make the world a happier place! This year we celebrated by choosing our favorite UN Sustainable Development goal to share! 

MinneMUn VI

Our sixth MinneMUN conference was a success! This year we had six committees: Human Rights Council for LGBTQ+ discrimination, Security Council for Cybersecurity, New World Order crisis in which Egypt threatened to take over the world, Watergate crisis committee in which Nixon managed to not get impeached, and a joint crisis committee for a space colonial crisis! We also had the honor of hearing Munira Khalif, the UN Youth Observer, speak about her experiences! Thank you to everyone on staff for their hard work and all of the delegates who participated!